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777 H.D™ Heavy Duty Degreaser
777 HD™ is the only product you will ever need for cleaning & degreasing wheels & tires. Due to its high concentration, 777 HD™ is very economical: most tires can be cleaned simply by adding 1 to 2 oz of 777 HD™ to wash bucket, filling bucket with water, and brushing the foamy solution onto wheels & tires. This method is exceptionally more cost effective than using aerosol tire cleaners and/or expensive department store retail size tire cleaners.
Metal Polish
Metal Polish is a liquid paste polish formulated to clean and protect Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brass, Non-Coated Aluminium, Magnesium, Bronze, Copper and other metals. Safely and effectively removes Rust, Oxidization, Corrosion, Tarnish, Water Spots, Stains and other residues. Metal Polish is very easy to use. Shake well (product separation IS normal), and rub polish onto metal surface. Allow applied polish to dry to haze. Buff off by hand with a microfiber towel to reveal your polished metal!
Mega Glo™ Premium Solvent Based Tire Dressing
Mega Glo™ is a premium solvent based dressing formulated for long lasting weather-resistant protection on rubber and vinyl surfaces. Simply apply Mega Glo™ to an applicator pad and wipe onto surface. For maximum shine and protection on tires, always clean tires with 777 HD™ (and allow to dry) prior to applying Mega Glo™
Alumi Brite™ Acid Wheel Cleaner
Alumi Brite™ is an extra heavy duty, highly concentrated acid wheel cleaner formulated to remove dirt, road film, brake dust and oxidation making old wheels look new again! Alumi Brite™ cleans and brightens without any excessive scrubbing! In fact, most applications only require pre-diluted Alumi Brite™ simply to be sprayed on to surface and pressure rinsed off, without any scrubbing. Alumi Brite™ is not a degreaser. Heavily soiled areas should first be cleaned with 777 HD™ . Never mix Alumi Brite™ with any other chemical. Always read label and msds before using.