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Professional Headlight Restoration Kit
Nothing ruins the look of a clean vehicle quite like dull, yellow-looking oxidized headlights. Headlight replacements can be quite expensive, and even headlight buffing does not come cheap. Do it yourself– it’s too easy! You don’t even need a buffer! With our easy to use headlight restoration kit, you can repair your lenses in under 10 minutes without any power tools. This kit is guaranteed to restore at least 12 lenses when used as instructed. And its all done by hand! Generate income for yourself or your business by selling your own headlight repairs done with this easy to use kit!
Bucket Grate
A must have accessory for anyone washing with a 5Gal wash bucket. Simply insert the bucket grate into your wash bucket, and all of your dirt and debris will sink to the bottom of your bucket, below the bucket grate. This ensures that you are not picking up any dirt or debris with your brush or mitt. Very simple and very effective.
Fallout Remover
Fallout Remover is a concentrated, colorless water-based fallout remover that quickly, easy, and effectively removes metallic fallout particles that are embedded in painted surfaces.
Paintable Rubberized Undercoat
Rust preventative with quick dry adhesion that won't crack or chip under normal conditions. Helps soundproof cars, excellent on new panel and fender replacements, section repairs, weld joints and rust holes. Can also be used to dress tree-wounds, seal asphalt and concrete driveway cracks, and seal eaves and flashing. Can Weight : 19.4 oz