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Vinyl Beautifier™ All Purpose water-based Dressing
Rejuvenates and protects vinyl, leather and plastic to look like new again! Formulated for use on both interior and exterior plastic and vinyl surfaces. Also safe to use as an engine dressing. Contains no harsh solvents. For best results, clean surface (and allow to dry) prior to applying Vinyl Beautifier™. Not recommended for use on tires, as water based products will not absorb into rubber. For tire dressing applications, use Mega Glo™ Premium Solvent Based Dressing.
Jazz-It-Up Non-Silicone (Body Shop Safe) Dressing
Jazz It Up is safe to use on cars, trucks, boats, sport and utility vehicles, vinyl car tops, rubber tires, and for rubber and plastic under the hood. Contains no silicones or petroleum distillates. Does not cause fish-eye problems in body-shops.
Quick Shot Aerosol Dressing
“Spray on a shine”! Quick Shot was formulated for both interior & exterior use and provides an excellent alternative to high gloss dressings. Simply spray on dashboards, air vents, consoles, door and trunk seals and even tires to create a clean semi-gloss new look. For best results, clean surface (and allow to dry) prior to applying Quick Shot.