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Super Purple™ All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Super Purple™ is an extremely versatile and very powerful concentrated cleaner/degreaser formulated for use on almost any surface not harmed by water alone. From interior cleaning to engine degreasing, Super Purple™ can handle it all !
Extract-It H.D.™ Low Foaming Carpet & Upholstery Extraction Fluid
Extract-It H.D.™ is a highly concentrated, low-foaming extraction fluid formulated to safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, and stains from all types of carpeting and upholstery. Can be used by hand or machine. Also makes a great pre-spray. Can be diluted as low as 0.5oz/gal with water in extractor solution tank. Contains an added odor eliminator to eliminate odors as you clean!
Extra Foamy Automotive Interior Cleaner
Extra Foamy is a unique foaming cleaner that is designed to clean and condition vinyl, plastic, cloth, leather and hard surfaces. Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt and helps restore true color and appearance. Excellent for use on auto upholstery, floor mats and carpets. Other Applications: Also use in kitchens and bathroom as an effective hard surface cleaner. Can Weight: 18.5 oz
Fast & Foamy Automotive Interior Cleaner
Excellent on any auto interior fabric. Its dry foaming action enables the professional to lift out dirt and stains from carpet while minimizing surface wetness. Fast & Foamy utilizes VFC optical brighteners, has a convenient upside-down tip, cleans, deodorizes, and leaves a pleasant citrus aroma. Can Weight: 18 oz
Super Shot Carpet Spotter (Featuring D-limonene)
Super Shot is a citrus-based (D-limonene) high performance carpet spot remover. Our unique upside down stream spray blasts away stains of all kinds on carpet and upholstery, leaving behind nothing but a pleasant natural citrus aroma. Makes an excellent pre-spray for deep, stubborn stains before using Extract-It H.D.™ Can Weight: 19 oz
Hi-Tech Orange Pop® Citrus Degreaser (Featuring D-limonene)
Hi-Tech Orange Pop® is a D-Limonene based (natural citrus extracts) citrus cleaner/degreaser formulated to tackle the heaviest degreasing tasks safely and effectively, while leaving behind a pleasant natural citrus aroma. Can Weight: 15 oz
Glass Cleaner
Formulated with extra cutting strength to lift dirt, grime and smoke film from glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and other hard surfaces that demand a clean clear finish. It will cut through the most stubborn dirt and film without streaking, hazing or smudging. Streak Free & Ammonia fortified. Can Weight: 18 oz (Also available Ammonia Free)