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CRS Chemical Corporation Cleaners and Degreasers
Rinse ‘N’ Shine™ Super Concentrate Vehicle Soap
Rinse ‘N’ Shine™ is a highly concentrated biodegradable vehicle soap featuring thick, rich suds that lift away dirt and oily road film with ease. This PH Balanced formula will not harm previously applied wax or sealant. Rinses easily and leaves behind a brilliant shine, every time!
Executive Wash N Wax™ Super Concentrate Vehicle Soap (with wax)
Executive Wash N Wax™ a highly concentrated high-performance cleaner and gloss enhancer designed to cut through heavy dirt and road film to leave surfaces clean and bright. Eliminates the need to apply a “fast wax” after washing, saving both time and money. Features a very pleasant grape fragrance.
Super Purple™ All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Super Purple™ is an extremely versatile and very powerful concentrated cleaner/degreaser formulated for use on almost any surface not harmed by water alone. From interior cleaning to engine degreasing, Super Purple™ can handle it all !

Uses: Carpets, Chrome, Concrete, Floors, Leather, Vehicle Interior/Exterior, Vinyl, Wheels,
Whitewall Tires
777 H.D™ Heavy Duty Degreaser
777 HD™ is a concentrated heavy duty industrial cleaner/degreaser formulated to handle the toughest degreasing jobs. Makes an excellent wheel & tire cleaner. Removes brake dust with ease. For most applications, just spray on, let stand 1-2 min, and pressure rinse off.
Note: Due to the strength of 777 H.D, we DO NOT recommended its use on interior fabrics. For interior applications, use Super Purple™ all purpose Cleaner/Degreaser.
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