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Clay Bars
Clay Bars safely remove a wide variety of surface contaminants from paint, chrome, aluminum, plastic and glass.
Light Blue Clay Bar: Heavy Duty
Dark Blue Clay Bar: Light/Med Duty
Tip: Use Executive Clay Lube to keep paint lubricated during the
entire clay bar process. Soap and water is NOT an adequate clay lube.
D’Limokleen™ Citrus Solvent
D’limokleen™ is a biodegradable solvent derived from citrus peel combined with special detergents to make an environmentally friendly, powerful tar remover/ body prep solvent.
Features a 100% natural citrus fragrance .
Uses: Asphalt, Tar & Bug Removal, Body Prep, Engine Degreasing
Body Prep Solvent
Body Prep Solvent is formulated for removing grease, wax, and tar from exterior surfaces. Body prep solvent is an economical alternative to D’Limokleen Citrus Solvent.
Uses: Adhesive label/decal removal, Tar and wax removal, Body Prep.